A young story

The club was created in Nantes in 2012 on the initiative of Marine Cadoret.

It is with a slight look back but with our feet turned towards the future that we understand the development and dynamism of the club. All these memories and images make this club a team that is proud of its early history.

At first, present on the American football fields, the club encouraged the Dockers of Nantes. An experience which allowed the first meetings, the first great memories and the beginning of a beautiful adventure. 


The development of the club has enabled it to become structurally independent of any sports organisation and to offer an increasingly wide range of sports and events.

In four years, the club has been able to offer American football, basketball, handball, boxing, etc.

A sporting culture

The essence of the club, beyond the pleasure of hosting events, remains the culture and the search for sports performance. Indeed, cheerleading is a real discipline highlighting the physical and mental dimensions. It is a discipline that requires constant work in training, between sweat and tears, to offer a high level performance. 

The club was lucky enough to participate in the Future Cheer event at Disneyland Paris during the 2015-2016 season. With the bronze medal won against European teams, it was mainly the confirmation of this will to dream bigger. 

In this perspective, for only their 3rd participation, the senior team became French N1 champions during the 2017-2018 season.